Music with Michael

Dear Parents,
Do you want your child to learn music while they're young, so they really learn it?

Do you want to make a lasting difference in your child’s education?

 Are you ready to find the right music teacher for your child? 

The Music with Michael program helps parents of creative children, who want to make a lasting difference in their child’s education and who are ready to experience the thrill of their child making music as they find their own, unique voice and express the joy of who they really are.


Imagine a music experience that harnesses the natural playful learning ability of your child to make playing music as natural as breathing.   In a short time, students master technique games, essential musical patterns, and can even begin to compose their own songs!  


In the Music with Michael Program your child will:

  • Build confidence playing music in a supportive environment.

  • Learn discipline and mental focus while actually enjoying it.

  • Experience how to shine by letting their innate creativity come to life!


And you will:

  • See music COME ALIVE in your child!
  • Worry less about your child spending his time doing things that don’t get them anywhere (like playing video games).
  • Feel the joy for your child as a new creation in them is born!