Music with Michael

My Teaching Philosophy

Some teachers focus on teaching the instrument. My focus is on teaching the child or adult who wants to learn the instrument. The key to learning music is enjoying the music you're playing.  


Exercises are essential, but exercising the fingers only to make them move properly can leave a student bored and wondering what the point is.  "When do I get to play the good stuff?" they ask.  I find plenty of good stuff for my students to play from their very first lesson.


Children and adults learn piano or guitar in private lessons. I have my students walk out of their first lesson able to play something. It might be a little song, or the sounds that a thunderstorm makes--lightning, thunder, rain. They leave the first lesson having accomplished more than they expected.


I give my students musical experiences that they enjoy.  These lessons help  create the foundation for their musical learning. As lessons progress, students easily acquire the skills that will enable them to play more advanced music that they like.


Music Program

I offer a complete Music Program for the students to receive a well-rounded music education.  Unlike other music programs where the student just receives weekly lessons and a end-of-year recital, I offer a complete program.  Once a month the private guitar and piano students have a combined group class in which we each play a piece we are working on plus learn something new about music, including music theory, music history, and musicianship.  These classes offer support, fellowship, and fun!!  I also have two fun recitals and an end-of-year formal recital.  We also play for the community several times a year.


At the beginning of the year, each student and parent fills out a visioning & goal sheet so that I can custom tailor the music program to the student.  I learn about each student's learning preferences, motivation, and songs they would like to play.  At the end of the year, we together revisit the student's goals and devise plans for next year.


Lesson Locations
Hagerstown, MD: at Michael's home studio at 66 Broadway

Washington, DC; Rockville, MD: Sundays, at the student's home