Music with Michael

Hi!  My name is Michael Tyson, music instructor.  As a parent who is closely involved with your child, I’d like to ask you, do you like to see your child create and learn?  Using the instruments of the piano and the guitar, I help parents of creative children, who want to make a lasting difference in their child’s education and who are ready to experience the thrill of their child making music—by finding their unique voice and expressing the joy of who they really are.


I have taught privately and at several preschools for 20 years.  Most recently, I helped kids at The Learning Center (TLC), giving preschoolers invaluable, fundamental skills in rhythm, pattern identification, and creative expression.  My private students are treated to a curriculum designed especially for each of them, including classical, rock, blues, pop, show tunes, and songs selected by the students themselves.  More than a list of accumulated pieces, the student grows a repertoire of songs which motivate and inspire them to keep learning music always.


My own interests include many genres and venues of music—in churches, bands, jazz groups, music theater, solo performance, and making CDs.  Having produced five CDs, I write, perform and record children’s music and  my own “classical-jazz fusion” piano music.  I also serve as the Music Director for the Takoma Park Chapel in Silver Spring, MD, where I direct, write and arrange music for singers, a jazz quintet, and a choir.


Every child has a unique musical ability and expression, and I look forward to making music with yours!




Mr. Michael