Music with Michael

“He has fun ways of teaching.”  — Eric, age 12, Takoma Park, MD


"Mr. Tyson is an awesome teacher!  He teaches the children in a way that they want to learn more.  They feel confident when they get home after lessons about what they have learned and they are able to begin playing new chords right away.” ~ M. C., Hagerstown, MD


"Just wanted to let you know that my boys had their first lesson with Michael Tyson last Wednesday.  They grumbled a bit when I told them they'd be starting piano lessons.  After the lesson they couldn't wait to get home and play what they had learned!  My 9-year-old was especially thrilled.  Thank you so much for the referral.  This is just wonderful."  V. R., Hagerstown, MD


"The pride on every kid's face as the crowded room cheered after each performance was priceless. They've learned so much about their music, self-confidence and mutual support - we're looking forward to next year!" ~ K. S., Hagerstown, MD


"As I told her [friend who is now taking lessons from Michael] I have no problems recommending you as I have seen firsthand how well children (and adults) do in your lessons!  ~ R. O., Rohrersville, MD


"My 6-year-old and I have both taken guitar lessons with Michael.  I am impressed with Michael's ability to tailor lessons to meet the needs of an energetic 6-year-old and a busy mom.”  ~ R.O., Rohrersville, MD


"You do such a great job with them.  You have them playing songs instead of just strumming the guitar. I told them, 'Just look at how many songs you can play after such a short period of time!'”  ~ T.M., Hagerstown, MD


"I think the boys have learned that they can play songs. I don't think they were expecting to learn to play songs considering they only learned a few chords from our previous guitar lessons. I am so glad they learned to play songs because I think they would have "fizzled out" from boredom otherwise!


Thanks so much for making this a great session for them. They had a great time and again, thanks for putting together the community service project. That was a wonderful experience for them." ~ T. Y., Hagerstown, MD


"Marina (and Isabel) said it was a great lesson. I am glad I could donate my make up lesson time to her, and I am so glad she is developing her musical talent and abilities. We so very much appreciate and value how you are helping to foster her creativity through music, writing and song." ~ E.K.,  Takoma Park, MD


"Their confidence has been built by learning to play the guitar and by playing in front of others at the recitals.  They are playing many songs so quickly—and learning to play them with the correct techniques.  My favorite part [of the “Music with Michael” program] is the lesson structure.  There is no pressure to memorize.  Both the boys can play most of the songs by memorization just because of practicing them.”~ M. C., Hagerstown, MD


"After what I learned from you about the chords I went to practice last night, it all came together, and it was amazing!" ~ J. T., Bethesda, MD


"Remember when you told me that I would want to reach the point in my playing so that when I don’t play for a day, it doesn’t feel good?  Well, I’m there!" ~ J.A.K.  Bethesda, MD


"My 7-year-old and I are taking guitar lessons with Michael, and are both loving it.  Michael truly understands that in order to learn something well, the process of learning must be enjoyable.  So he not only teaches with immense patience and care, but also with great attention to individuality. He teaches music with the contagious enthusiasm he feels for it."  ~ J.A., Ijamsville, MD


"My children had never had any formal music education, and since they had not shown much interest in taking music lessons before, I was surprised when they all agreed to try guitar lessons.  Well, to my surprise, they love guitar class.  My two older children practice so much at home that I have to insist they stop and get their other assignments and chores done first.  They spend much of their free time now practicing what they learned in class or just experimenting on their own.  The other day we discovered simple guitar music on a website.  They were so amazed with how many songs they could play using their knowledge of simple chords." ~ C. L., Hagerstown, MD