Music with Michael

Rock On Musicians! 

A Pop Song Rock Camp 

July 10 – 13, 2023 


For:  Music students grades 6 - 10 (rising) 

Location: Barbara Ingram School for the Arts 
    7 South Potomac Street 
    Hagerstown, MD 21740 
    Map / Directions 


All music students are invited to a new Summer Arts Academy Class:  

 "Rock On Musicians!" - A Pop Song Camp  


Come experience the thrill of playing music in a band!  Jam, get personal one on one mentorship and group coaching, and be guided in learning and performing some of the best pop songs! 

Instruments: piano/peyboard, guitar and bass (acoustic or electric)  percussion (drum set and auxiliary percussion*) saxophone, horns, flute, violin and other strings; vocals: sing and play or just sing. 


*Drum set and some percussion instruments will be provided.  All other musicians please bring your own instrumentsamplifiers and microphones if applicable.  Pianists without a keyboard will be accommodated.  Contact the instructor with questions.  


Levels: instrumentalists—at least two years in school or private lessons preferred.  Vocalists—at least 1 year in choir or voice lessons preferred.   


Basic music reading skills preferred:  tempo, meter, note values, familiarity with the staff 


The most successful camper will be  

Dedicated to his/her craft, eager to learn, willing to try new things, stay on task, and rock on every day! 


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What we will do: 

Play pop songs, some chosen by the instructor, more chosen by students!* 

What we will learn: 

  • Musical Form 

  • Chart Reading and basic note reading, too! 

  • "Music Mindfulness" 

  • Musician Communication 

  • Scaleschords and improvisation 

  • Teamwork 


Each day we will harness these skills and more to build confidence and open you to a new world of possibilities of what is possible for what can be done in music and what you can achieve. 


Everyone's hard work will culminate on Thursday with a performance and reception for the families.  

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*We want to make this camp exciting everyday.  About a month before camp begins we will reach out to the students to get to know you, your musician character, and the songs you want to learn and perform.  We will compile a list of the student’s songs they want to learn and decide together which songs will be included in our camp’s set list! 

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