Music with Michael

I guide my students by discovering what will inspire them to make music.  Maybe you enjoy classical, pop, blues, show tunes or jazz.  Maybe you learn more easily by ear, or are intrigued by the way notes are written on paper.  We discover your way together and then we set our goals.  Each lesson is a step closer to fulfilling your music dreams.  

My approach was inspired by the story of Duke Ellington, one of the greatest jazz musicians in American history. Did you know that, as a child, Duke wanted to be a baseball player?


Ellington's parents wanted him to learn the piano instead.  They found him a teacher.  He was taught simple one and two note melodies emphasizing rhythm and timing.  But this approach did not interest him.  He quit and went outside to play baseball with his friends. 


Then one day, when he was a teenager, a friend invited Ellington to see someone play ragtime.  He was captivated.  The spark was ignited.  He wanted to learn to make music with freedom and ease, as the ragtime player did. Ellington then took off to learn piano and his career as a musician began.  He played, practiced, wrote songs, and started his own band--because it was fun!